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The State Opening of Parliament will take place on Tuesday May 11, with many expecting this to be when the government confirms that the Renters Reform Bill is to enter the Commons on the road to becoming law. 

The Queen’s Speech will set out the government’s agenda for the next session - there has been widespread expectation that this will include the controversial Bill, which will scrap the power of agents and landlords to execute Section 21 evictions, and will strengthen Section 8 powers in return.

The Bill is also expected to outline the government thinking on so-called ‘lifetime rental passports’ whereby deposits can be shifted from one property to another, making it easier for renters to move home.

As always at Thacker and Revitt we will be keeping a close eye on any legistalive chages so they can be implemented on behalf of all of our Fully Managed landlords to ensure complete compliance at all times. We will also update our landlords as and when any changes are due to come in, and to explain what these changes involve.