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The Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government (MHCLG) has announced that mandatory five-year electrical installation checks on private rented housing in England will be introduced in a phased approach.

Whilst the implementation date has not yet been clarified, MHCLG has stated its intention to introduce legislation as soon as parliamentary time allows, with ourselves and landlords being given at least six months to familiarise with the new legislation before it comes into force.

A transitional period will apply for two years. In year one, all new private tenancies will be affected and in year two all existing tenancies will come within scope.

Our properties that already have a valid electrical installation condition report (EICR) will not need to replace it until five years have passed since it was issued.

We use a fully qualified electrician to carry out EICR checks already and are planning ahead for when this newest legislation affects our landlords.   

Since July 2018, we have been expecting the Government to announce an implementation date for mandatory five-yearly electrical checks. Despite MHCLG’s announcement, we are still unsure of when exactly that will be. The government needs to publish the corresponding Guidance as soon as time allows.

We will update our landlords as soon as the start date for this legislation is implemented.

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